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“We were processing 300 shirts per week which took up a lot of my presser’s time and put pressure on finishing.”
Swiss Clean
Shirt Pressing Machines
“Our customers have noticed the improvement in quality of shirt since we have installed our new Sankosha machine.”
Masterclean London,
Sankosha Machinec

Service & Support

Service & Engineering

Service has always been the main word at Parrisianne, primarily started as a service company over a quarter of a century ago and developed into one of the major machine supply companies in the UK on the back of its good name as a company who could provide quality service, repair most makes of machines and also carried or could source a large range of spare parts.

Parrisianne are the sole UK distributors of the UNION range of dry cleaning machines, SANKOSHA range of shirt finishers and presses, GHIDINI finishing equipment who manufacture presses, iron tables, cabinets and many other finishing items, JUMAG the German steam boiler manufacture and ZUCCHETTI CENTRO SISTEMI range of conveyors and delivery systems. Parrisianne are also national distributors of the PRIMUS range of Laundry Equipment and HAWO & POLYPACK packaging units.

All engineers are employed by the company and have all been with the company for over ten years and some as long as twenty. Because our engineers have stayed loyal to us over the years this proves that the company has a good working relationship with its engineering staff and also shows to customers that the company has the expertise behind it to help solve the problems. The backbone of the Parrisianne technical department is the office support team, with telephone support six days a week. This department has vast experience in helping to solve many of the client’s problems over the phone and thus eliminating the need for an engineer to visit. When visits are required in most cases the engineer will be on site the next day, if not sooner.

Managing Director, Mr James Holt says `the word service has and will always be the most important word for Parrisianne and the company prides itself on our motto of “The salesman sells the first machine; the engineer sells the next and the next”.

Spare Parts

Also within this department is the spare parts division and if no engineer is needed, but only a part, in nine out of ten cases the part is dispatched that day, for overnight delivery.

Parrisianne have over the years invested heavily in its service department and now carry over £120,000.00 worth of spare parts. Not exclusive to machinery parts but also including many fittings, irons shoes, filters, gaskets to name just a few along with pads and covers for all the pressing machines.

For dry cleaning machinery parts Parrisianne’s customers aren’t exclusive to the Union brand as many of the parts for such machines are in fact generic, particularly from the Italian manufacturers, in fact our customer base includes businesses that have bought machinery from other suppliers and in some cases have found the part to be half the price quoted by their supplier and can also add to the list engineers employed by ‘the UK's leading provider of dry cleaning services’.

Site surveys, shop drawings & installation

With so many years experience in the industry it is important that we share this with not only new but also existing customers when new machinery is considered.

Parrisianne offer a free site survey and shop drawing service for all customers in the first instance conducted by the sales team and later confirmed by the engineering and installations team.

Installation work is carried out by Parrisianne engineers and a quote for works to be carried out can be provided upon confirmation of machinery ordered. A typical dry cleaner can expect installation to cost between £2,000 - £5,000 dependants on location of services and machinery ordered.


Full onsite training is given on the operation and maintenance of all machinery that we supply.

Also if customers require teaching to cover dry cleaning, stain removal, pressing and laundry to new and existing dry cleaners and launderers, Garment analysis and fault appraisal this can be arranged to be carried out within your own premises, using your own machinery.