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“We were processing 300 shirts per week which took up a lot of my presser’s time and put pressure on finishing.”
Swiss Clean
Shirt Pressing Machines
“Our customers have noticed the improvement in quality of shirt since we have installed our new Sankosha machine.”
Masterclean London,
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manual and pneumatic dry cleaning and laundry packaging / bagging machine

Machines for the packaging of hanging clothes and linen for laundries, dry cleaners and the fashion industry.

Features include: Fast, flexible and efficient, Controlled and efficient material use, Height adjustable, Bottom sealer can be integrated.

HP 630KST - floor mounted
HP 630 KW - wall mounted
HP 630 WS – Laundry packing machine

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Semi automatic & Automatic Packaging and Folding machinery.

semi automatic packaging / bagging machine


  • Semi-Automatic Bagging Machines
  • Hourly Max . 220 cycles. (For Suit size)
  • Up to 3 items (shirt size) to be bagged in one cycle (in use Wire and/or Plastic hanger)
  • Decrease of the usage for the bagging film
automated packaging / bagging machine


  • Automatic Bagging Machine
  • Hourly Max . 280 pcs (items) bagging available (For Suit size)
  • Either direction (from left to right or from right to left) to be able to choose

automated packaging / bagging machine


  • Automatic Bagging Machine
  • Providing Up to 350 bundles per hour

automated packaging / bagging machine


  • Automatic Bagging Machine
  • Providing Up to 500 bundles per hour
  • This machine is ideal for high production facilities
  • Labor and poly savings will provide a quick return on investment
automatic shirt folding machine


  • Automatic Shirt Folder
  • Heating method by employing a collar, improve the quality finish by loading mechanism footing by adopting a new mechanism, Wrinkle reduction of body wrapping.
  • Features - About 15 degrees from horizontal, the height is adjustable up to 880 from 800 the angle of the table. Replacement of the fixing plate, working easily with lever type. With a useful maintenance mode that is for cleaning and lubrication.
automatic shirt packaging / bagging machine


  • Automatic shirt bagger
  • Film Size: 260 ~ 280mm (By adjustment) the length of the bag: 360 ~ 410mm. (Can be changed at intervals of 10mm adjustment).
  • Automatic packaging with the introduction of Goods
  • Features - Input port is safety in light sensor, safety design also does not hurt your hands because it is sandwiched between the pressure of the inlet guide. Prevent jamming of the goods by the sensor of the seal portion on the. Film set is unnecessary, thus eliminating the waste of film every time even if the power is turned off.