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“We were processing 300 shirts per week which took up a lot of my presser’s time and put pressure on finishing.”
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“Our customers have noticed the improvement in quality of shirt since we have installed our new Sankosha machine.”
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Getting Shirty – Shirt Finishing for the Unit Shop
30 August,2012

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Sankosha LP580E-V2
shirt finishing machine

The shirt market in the UK still has massive growth potential and this has been the view of Parrisianne Dry Cleaning Solutions Ltd for the last 10 years and was one of the main reasons Parrisianne accepted Sankosha’s invitation to be the sole distributors for their products in the UK. Now 10 years later Parrisianne Dry Cleaning Solutions Ltd are The leading UK supplier of shirt finishing products’ a bold statement I’m sure that many will think but take into consideration that at the time of writing last year’s shirt finishing article the 250th piece of Sankosha had just been installed now 12 months later and with an impressive 25 new installations for shirt machinery (totaling 52 pieces of equipment) this is no flippant claim.

Sankosha shirt finisher, shirt finishing machine , shirt pressing equipment, shirt finishing equipment

Sankosha LP690E – shirt finishing collar cuff press

Parrisianne Dry Cleaning Solutions Ltd have been very fortunate to be associated which such a great manufacturer, who are foremost a shirt machine manufacturer and spend most of their research & development on finding ways to improve the machines they produce, to help the end user with shirt production and quality and most of all to build a machine that lasts. A lot of Sankosha’s focus is spent understanding a customer’s needs and that offering a shirt service is in many cases an add-on to the business and therefore an afterthought when planning a shop therefore space saving is of high importance. Sankosha has been achieving this with the unique stacked designs of the single collar cuff press (LP690E) reducing the dimensions to (w) 71cm x (d) 100cm compared to an average of (w) 115cm x (d) 110cm on other collar cuff presses, furthermore the LP580E-V2 tensioning single buck shirt finishing press is an average of 5cm in width shorter than other shirt presses. To achieve the first class finish, first time that your business requires, the Sankosha offers tensioning across the shirt and collar cuff unit and with the revolutionary design of the tensioning collar cuff press can even stretch shrunken centre plackets back to the original shape before pressing on the shirt unit if need be. Lastly the Sankosha is powerful enough to dry the sleeves and in particular the sleeve placket without having to press them and therefore allows for the tuck plate to correctly press the sleeve pleats giving excellent results.

Sankosha shirt finisher, shirt finishing machine, shirt pressing equipment,

Sankosha LP-190 double shirt finishing machine

Such is the success of Sankosha shirt machinery we are now seeing a large number of Italian manufacturers decide to manufacture a hot plate shirt finisher and looking very similar to the Sankosha, which in a way have other manufacturers follow your lead is a great compliment to Sankosha. With the release of many similar machines over the past 18 months it is becoming evident that the Sankosha is often duplicated but never replicated’  however that is not to discount the other manufacturers as they show determined marketing ranging from ‘ultimate finisher’ & ‘a revolution in shirt processing’ it is clear that the Italians and their respective suppliers mean business but when it comes to machine selection Parrisianne’s advice is to choose the machine that is tried and tested, to choose a machine that will achieve what the manufacturer says it can do and to look for a machine that will last. It is important to remember the shirt machine is a high production unit, the so therefore you must use high quality products and not cheap copies after all ‘your customer expects the best so why not exceed their expectation’

Of course every supplier can tell you the benefits of their machinery however with over 300 pieces installed in the UK, Parrisianne are able to back up their own words with case studies and testaments. Here is just a small selection of the successes that Parrisianne have helped the UK achieve:

1. Kensington Dry Cleaners since installing a single buck Sankosha growing from 300 shirts per week in 2005 to 7,000+ shirts per week in 2012 using 2 x double buck shirt machines.

2. In 2011 Valet Dry Cleaners were employing extra pressing staff on a part time basis to process, now in 2012 and with only 2 staff in total are processing in excess of 1,000 shirts per week Valet’s owner Mr Sheikh comments “Previously it seemed like hand finishing our shirts was taking up 75% of our working week, now with the Sankosha we are finishing all our shirts in 3 hours a day saving not only time but labour costs”

3. DryCentre Ltd owner Mark Agca comments “After discussing with Matt the struggle we were having processing the shirts by hand he arranged for a viewing of the latest Sankosha. I cannot thank Matt & Parrisianne enough, the service I received was excellent, within 3 days of the initial meeting at the beginning of December 2011 we had placed an order and the machinery was delivered on 23rd Dec & unbelievably was installed on Boxing Day. Now not only are we processing more shirts but we are finishing them quicker saving me labour costs and freeing up employees for other important roles in the business. Better still more shirts, less time has actually improved the quality of finish & our customers are delighted”


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