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“Our customers have noticed the improvement in quality of shirt since we have installed our new Sankosha machine.”
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Developing a Duvet Service
18 October,2012

Offering a duvet service continues to be a profitable business for dry cleaners but making sure that you have the right machinery, capable of handling the larger king size duvets is essential to provide a professional service.  

Parrisianne Dry Cleaning Solutions Ltd recommends the Primus range of washers and dryers and in particular the latest range of washer extractors, the FX line and T range of dryers.

To sensibly operate a duvet service within your business it is advisable to have at least one if not two 18kg washers. In the latter part of 2011 Primus released the FX range of high speed, free standing washers incorporating the  SuperEco washing programmes to significantly reduce water and electricity consumption, PowerWash lifting ribs allowing more mechanical action thus lowering water consumption and the Cascade drum for maximum evacuation of moisture resulting in impressive figures of  25% less energy consumption, 15% less water usage and 20% less residual moisture compared to previous models. With the option of Xcontrol that allows 15 free adaptable programs or alternatively Xcontol+allowing up to allowing up to 99 programmes that also allows wet cleaning programs to be stored.  It is possible to update wash programs either manually on the machine, through a USB memory stick or with Primus‘ PC and Tracetech SW. The latest new feature is the Ultra Balance detection system. Ultra Balance detects any unbalance and adpats the spin speed accordingly allowing the following advantages – noise levels are further reduced, the machine is optimally protected against unbalances, resulting in a longer lifetime, optimised stability during the entire cycle, a mechanical tilt switch for extra protection resulting in less downtime & engineers visits

For the tumble dryers the leading line from Primus are the T range and best suited for the duvet market are the T 24. Featuring a stainless steel drum with a large diameter,  microprocessor controlled, self cleaning lint screen  and Primus‘ PowerDry radial airflow allowing for shorter drying times and as a result lower energy consumption. Optional extras are a reversing drum, residual moisture control using SensorDry that incorporates safe drying of delicate linens, humidity detection in % and is ideal for a dry cleaners.

With the ability to programme your machinery as you desire, low energy consumption, excellent build quality designed to last, a system that is set to offer a duvet, shirt and wet cleaning service and Parrisianne’s service back up there is arguably no better place to look for your machinery. Finally add to that Parrisianne’s ability to help their customers through their own in house financing company, Parrisianne Finance Ltd and you can be sure that we have a package for you.

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