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“We were processing 300 shirts per week which took up a lot of my presser’s time and put pressure on finishing.”
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“Our customers have noticed the improvement in quality of shirt since we have installed our new Sankosha machine.”
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Sankosha and Ghidini Machines for North London Dry Cleaners
21 January,2012

With their business going from strength to strength Mark & Semra Agca of Drycentre Ltd found the job of processing 1,000+ shirts per week by hand time consuming and expensive. Realising the need to speed up the process yet not compromising on quality Matt Dowse of Parrisianne Dry Cleaning Solutions Ltd was invited to discuss the benefits of the Sankosha shirt system, within days a viewing was arranged and an order was placed for the new Sankosha LP580E tensioning single buck shirt machine with larger pressing head to finish the entire shirt body, a Sankosha LP690E-V2 tensioning single collar cuff press and a Ghidini Maxi 60 electric boiler.

Mark comments “After discussing with Matt the struggle we were having processing the shirts by hand he arranged for a viewing of the latest Sankosha. I cannot thank Matt & Parrisianne enough, the service I received was excellent, within 3 days of the initial meeting at the beginning of December we had placed an order and the machinery was delivered on 23rd Dec & unbelievably was installed on Boxing Day. Now not only are we processing more shirts but we are finishing them quicker saving me labour costs and freeing up employees for other important roles in the business. Better still more shirts, less time has actually improved the quality of finish & our customers are delighted”

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