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Cooling Tower Safety for Engineering
6 January,2012

This is a notice that Parrisianne has circulated to customer support staff.

An installed cooling tower system, working or not working, requires a written scheme detailing how the system is controlled to prevent the risk of Legionnaires Disease which could be fatal in approximately 12% of all cases of contact.

For the safety of Parrisianne staff and contractors, each cooling tower system, will be logged on to our data base of with customer details so that questions may be asked in respect to legislation.

As part of Parrisianne’s own risk assessments of site visits and before the possibility of contact with the water or air extracted from a cooling tower system, Parrisianne representatives are given specific instructed  to check that correct procedures and compliance is in place and up to satisfactory safety requirements.

The owner of the system must provide the evidence to the satisfaction of the Parrisianne representative before any works can be started. Labour charges and expenses will be applied under all adverse circumstances.

Parrisianne representatives must look for the following:

  • Written evidence of an up to date maintenance scheme that includes regular and appropriate chemical treatment to the complete water circuit, water traps, drains and storage tanks.
  • Written records of appropriate annual inspections certificate with recommended measures to control disease.
  • If the cooling tower system is to be removed or taken out of commission, the appropriate water treatment must be carried out by a competent person prior to Parrisianne engineering involvement.

This is an important personal health matter.

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