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“Our customers have noticed the improvement in quality of shirt since we have installed our new Sankosha machine.”
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Parrisianne Dry Cleaning Solutions Ltd is the sole distributor for the United Kingdom and offers the full range of high quality finishing equipment for laundry, dry cleaning and ironing services.

dry cleaning finishing equipment, cold and steam spotting tables

Spotting Tables

Spotting tables available for cold or steam, desktop/trolley or floor standing, with smaller or larger spotting board, with or without compressor and vacuum unit. Steam Cabinets.


Parrisianne offers a range of manual and automatic presses available for connection to central steam supplies or with a self contained dry cleaning finishing equipment, manual and pneumatic utility presselectric boiler offering a high quality finish to all garments processed.All presses can be supplied with or without an iron, if an iron is required these are available as steam/electric or ‘All Steam’ models.

The manually operated press, allowing an effortless lowering of the upper buck by means of an easy manoeuvrable lever and pedal system.

Ghidini’s air operated presses are very user-friendly and versatile. They feature an increased thrust power and offer the possibility to regulate the pressing pressure as needed, as well as to apply differently shaped ironing boards.

dry cleaning finishing equipment, steam finishing cabinet

Steam Cabinets:

With the ability to finish jackets, trousers, skirts, overcoats, raincoats etc garments are left with only minimal work, such as trouser pleats, jacket lining to be completed on an ironing board. The Ghidini ranges of steam finishing cabinets are available for connection to a central steam supply or with their own self contained electric boiler. Steaming, relaxing and formation process is carried out to preset programmes or if preferred can be controlled manually.

dry cleaning finishing equipment, vacuum, blow, steam finishing tables

Finishing Tables:

Wide ranges of finishing tables are available:

  • Ghidini Eolo Utility vacuum table with electrically heated board available with Standard or Maxi board
  • Ghidini Tornado the popular Utility ironing table with Built-in vacuum and blowing unit and a height adjustable electrically heated “MAXI” board.
  • Ghidini Vapor GB-S Steam, vacuum and blowing finishing table with utility board. Available with built in boiler or for connection to a central steam supply and with a choice of either a Standard (1200x400x250mm) or Maxi (1300x500x250mm) utility board

As with the presses the iron options are Steam/Electric or ‘All Steam’


dry cleaning finishing equipment, jacket former, dolly, suzi

The Ghidini Majestic formers are available with a self contained electric boiler or for centraldry cleaning finishing equipment, electric boilers, steam generators
steam supply.

The Majestic formers are available in A, V or Combi ranges.

Also available are the MC99 or MC101 for washed and dry-cleaned shirts, blousons and jackets. For best results the MC99 & MC101 should be accompanied with a P88CP collar and cuff press (see right)


High quality steam is a necessity in the industry from heating your dry cleaning machine distillation unit, providing steam to presses, cabinets etc and now with the recent growth of the shirt market to our shirt machinery as well. Available to supply pressure 4.5bar-7bar and variable boilers offering steam output from 10kg-245kg per hour using 5kw up to 180kw elements.

The Maxi 60 is suggested to supply steam to our Sankosha shirt machinery and we have over 100 very successful boilers servicing the demanding UK shirt market.