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“Our customers have noticed the improvement in quality of shirt since we have installed our new Sankosha machine.”
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Zucchetti Centro Sistemi (ZCS) is a sister company of the Zucchetti Group which has more then 2.000 employees of which 500 persons dedicated to research and development.

automated conveyors, laundry, hospital, hotel, nightclub garment delivery systems

It is even possible to install an automated collection booth controlled by magnetic cards whereby the client may collect orders that are ready without even entering the shop enabling a 24 hour service. This type of system requires the shop to be equipped for bar coding and the business is perceived by customers to be very professional. Suitable for dry cleaning units and laundries that wish to offer a 24hr service at their business.

The Automatic Assembly

The automatic assembly system consists of a Conveyor belt, an hooking position and un electric unloading arm: the system automatically recomposes the garments of each client. The system is based on electronic Custom cards connected in Can Bus: This is a standard industry, suitable for automatic systems which do not require a PC.

automated conveyors, laundry, hospital, hotel, nightclub garment delivery systems

The electronic Custom cards with Can Bus technology do not require maintenance, but anyway in case of any eventual intervention of the system they are very simple and do not require a computer expert. All this makes them attractive compared to the traditional systems based on PCs, which are less reliable and difficult to maintain.

To use the automatic assembly of garments, after they have been ironed, they must be placed on a hanger and hung manually on the conveyor. Our system facilitates and speeds up the operation, because the operator has always in front of him a hooking position (link) free, to which a hanger with an ironed garment could be hung. After you hang the hanger, the system immediately positions in front of the operator the next link free. Energy saving: the conveyor only moves when it has to.

No hooking errors of the garments: the system automatically controls the hooking of garments, avoiding the instrumental or distraction errors that can occur in traditional systems.

automated conveyors, laundry, hospital, hotel, nightclub garment delivery systems

No mechanical usury: there is no mechanical usury over time because there is no traditional mechanical system "counting-hangers", but an electronic system.

No dust relapse on the garments: our systems, being completely electronic, have no annoying problems like the “counting hangers” of the mechanical systems, that during each passage of each hanger, because of contact, may release paint on the just washed and ironed garment.

The electric unloading arm plays a dual role: Hooking the garments on the conveyor belt & unhooking the garments of the conveyor belt. Specifications and Advantages of the electric arm, instead of the common air pistons, is propelled by electric motors together with an encoder, meaning a kind of device which makes it easier to hook and unhook of the garments, ensuring precision of a tenth of mm. Furthermore, the unhooking angle of the electric arm can be adjusted in height to fit perfectly to the dimensions of the room and to the operating space of the client.

Automatic Doors

automated conveyors, laundry, hospital, hotel, nightclub garment delivery systems

The automatic doors, whether acceptance or delivery, are made of aluminum in two versions: one for internal use (hospitals, shopping centers) and the other one for external use (shops).

The doors are completely electric, while the traditional ones are made of compressed air and know due to their problems of condensation and formation of water in the circuits, resulting difficult functioning or sometimes even these problems even crash the system.

Further Advantages of the ZCS Automatic Systems for Laundries

automated conveyors, laundry, hospital, hotel, nightclub garment delivery systems

ZCS systems allow a significant reduction in expenditure on spare parts, due to the fact that they use only one type of electronic cards whether for the automatic loading and unloading arm or the acceptance and delivery doors: the electric cards can be programmed to be used in all components of the system.

All products of ZCS are designed for easy use and minimal maintenance.